Oxidation inhibitor

Oxidation inhibitor
Ингибитор окисления, антиоксидант.

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  • Inhibitor — or inhibition may refer to:* Corrosion inhibitor, a substance that decreases the rate of metal oxidation * Enzyme inhibitor, a substance that binds to an enzyme and decreases its activity. * Inhibition of return, a feature of attention *… …   Wikipedia

  • inhibitor — [1] A substance which prevents chemical reaction such as corrosion or oxidation. [2] A substance added to oil, water, gas, etc., to prevent action such as foaming, rusting, etc. The opposite is catalyst. Also see corrosion inhibitor reverse… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • inhibitor — An additive substance which, when present in a petroleum product, prevents or retards undesirable changes taking place in the product, particurlary oxidation and corrosion …   Petroleum refining glossary

  • Dakin oxidation — The Dakin oxidation The Dakin oxidation is an organic redox reaction in which an ortho or para hydroxylated phenyl aldehyde (2 hydroxybenzaldehyde or 4 hydroxybenzaldehyde) or ketone reacts with hydrogen pero …   Wikipedia

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  • Ribonuclease inhibitor — (RI) is a large ( 450 residues, 49 kDa), acidic (pI 4.7), leucine rich repeat protein that forms extremely tight complexes with certain ribonucleases. It is a major cellular protein, comprising 0.1% of all cellular protein by weight, and appears… …   Wikipedia

  • Mildronate — Not to be confused with Medronate, a bisphosphonate that forms a complex with radioactive technetium to be used as a radiopharmaceutical. Mildronate is an antischemic agent of a metabolic action[1] (cardioprotector) produced by Grindex in Latvia …   Wikipedia

  • Nitrogen generator — Nitrogen generators and stations are stationary or mobile air to nitrogen production complexes. In advanced economies, membrane nitrogen plants have almost ousted alternative processes of nitrogen generation in all cases where nitrogen is not… …   Wikipedia

  • антиокислитель — противоокислительный ингибитор — [http://slovarionline.ru/anglo russkiy slovar neftegazovoy promyishlennosti/] Тематики нефтегазовая промышленность Синонимы противоокислительный ингибитор EN oxidation inhibitor …   Справочник технического переводчика

  • ингибитор окисления — антиоксидант замедлитель окисления — [http://slovarionline.ru/anglo russkiy slovar neftegazovoy promyishlennosti/] Тематики нефтегазовая промышленность Синонимы антиоксидантзамедлитель окисления EN oxidation inhibitor …   Справочник технического переводчика

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